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No One In The World Is Better At Their Job Than The Guy Who Picks Songs For Apple Commercials

Much like you, I stayed in my house and watched nothing but football this weekend. Didn’t even consider moving from in front of my television. And because of that, I saw the same six commercials over and over again. Which I can typically tune out, pick up my phone, scroll Twitter, turn my brain into an even less functioning bowl of soup than it has been my entire life. But one commercial consistently had me lifting my head, watching it, tapping my toes and singing along. Because Apple came through and dropped another BANGER right in our laps, as they’ve done consistently for the last 18 years.

Apple has been dominating the commercial game since their far too dramatic turned iconic turned a bit ironic 1984 Super Bowl ad.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you what they advertised in the ’90s. I think they just gave away those colorful ass computers to public schools around the country and played it cool while they were developing the iPod. And when they came back they came back with a fucking vengeance. Every commercial since that time has featured a goddamn BANGER and has certainly played a pivotal role in forcing me to become a lifelong customer showing no signs of switching to one of those droids for nerds.

There are like two people alive who are on as much of a hot streak as the guy picking the songs for these commercials and that’s Tom Brady and LeBron James. I don’t know who else has been consistently flipping the bird to father time, maintaining peak performance during the last 18 years but this guy has been throwing Randy Johnson ’99 on the black since day one and into 2019 is still getting called third strikes. Vegas bookmakers aren’t as dominant as whoever Apple’s commercial music sommelier is and it’s about time he got his credit.