Sidney Crosby Gets Chirped Relentlessly By Fan, Ends Up Being Actually Pretty Cool About It


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

This is now like the 5th thing that Crosby has done this year that makes me actually really like the dude. I don’t know how many times I need to write the same thing but if it weren’t for the sweater that he wears, I would love Sidney Crosby. The fact that he ruins my life as a 3x Stanley Cup Champion as a Pittsburgh Penguin makes me want to hate him forever. The fact that he ruins my life as a 2x Olympic Gold Medalist for Team Canada–especially so in 2010–makes me want to hate him forever. But I mean…Crosby didn’t choose to get picked 1st overall by the Penguins. And Crosby didn’t choose to be born in Canada. So both of those things were a little out of his control. The parts of his career that he is in control of? Well he seems like a genuinely good dude. Maybe even too good.

I mean Sid has to get chirped to no end everywhere he goes besides Pittsburgh and probably most the of the Canadian teams. But especially so when he’s playing against over Metro division teams. So he could easily either just ignore it completely or he could even be a prick about it. Imagine having to hear some fat slob call you a pussy all night while he’s guzzling down a $12 beer and on his 7th hot dog of the game. Probably breaking out a highly original “Cindy Crosby” joke at least 4 times per period. He could easily just turn around and tell the dude to go kick rocks. But instead, he hooks him up with a stick (not that a stick means anything to Crosby but still) and leaves a little message on there for him that will now be the #1 topic of conversation for this dude throughout the rest of his life. Pretty cool move, tee bee aytch.

So yeah. I’m still going to hate Sidney Crosby every time he plays against the Flyers or against Team USA. But I’m at a point in my life now where it’s not worth the energy trying to force myself to constantly hate him anymore. I guess that’s how you know you’re growing up.