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A Pro Gun Activist Got Tricked Into Blowing Sacha Baron Cohen On Last Night's 'Who Is America?'

Source – Sacha Baron Cohen claimed a new victim on “Who Is America,” duping a gun oights advocate into putting a strap-on dildo into his mouth during a mock demonstration of a defensive maneuver.

The episode featured Corey Lewandowski, the former campaign manager to President Donald Trump, and David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County. But it’ll likely be most remembered for someone not nearly as recognizable: Dan Roberts, president of a small pro-gun organization called Youth Shooters of America.

Cohen, holding a sword in the air, then instructed Roberts to “identify the target” and “attack.”

Roberts put the strap-on in his mouth, bit down and yelled garbled orders to the attacker as well as the supposed other terrorists surrounding him.