I'm A Little Worried About Toronto's Obsession With DeMar DeRozan

Listen, breakups are tough. We’ve all been through it. You really are into someone, the sex is great, you make each other laugh, you enjoy each other, but you know deep down something is missing. So there’s a breakup. You take it hard to start, but eventually after some bourbon with friends you realize it’s for the best and start talking about the problem instead of the good times.

Toronto is currently going through that. Toronto loved DeMar DeRozan and DeMar DeRozan loved the Raptors. However, they had to know that they didn’t have a future. They had to know they weren’t going to win a title together. They weren’t getting married. They were high school sweethearts that made it through college and broke up at 25.

Toronto is currently in the weird stage with DeRozan. You traded him, stop talking about him. Embrace Kawhi for the year you have him. Remember the playoffs? Remember how you yelled about DeRozan? Talk about those times. Don’t get me wrong, DeMar did wonders for the Raptors. He helped turn the franchise around and was the true good player to really embrace Toronto.

But Nike Toronto tweeting this out? The talk of a statue for DeRozan by numerous people? What are we doing here? Thank him for his time, give him a video tribute when he comes back and when he retires put him in the Raptors Hall of Fame. But, it’s time to move on Toronto.