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Julie Stewart-Drinks: Communism With Riggs

For this episode of “Julie Stewart-Drinks” I convinced my new work friend Riggs to take a gander with me down to the East Village of Manhattan – on Valentines Day nonetheless – to try out “KGB Bar”. Riggs is a biiiiig political guy so who better to evaluate a communist bar than him? (also great excuse to rope Riggs into hanging out).

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.05.21 AM

From a singular no-frills sign on the exterior to the vibrant red walls of the bar, this second floor watering hole screams Soviet communism. It’s ambience is enhanced by authentic Marxist propaganda, abundance of Soviet flags, photos of Vladimir Putin, Joseph Stalin, a statue of Tolstoy and even an old TV complete with rabbit ears, which apparently hasn’t been turned on since “a few Grammy’s ago.” It’s allure is authentic, and so are it’s cocktails, which isn’t saying much (straight vodka if that’s your thing), but it’s Bartender Dan Christian – complete with his quirky personality – make this spot a unique hangout (basically if you’re a big Soviet Union guy).