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Snackin’ Off — Frosted Flakes Lucky Charms

I seriously want to shout out General Mills for doing such a good job with that fugazi Frosted Flakes font. The most diabolical move since Dave Portnoy was putting ads for businesses into the Barstool newspaper for companies that didn’t even pay for them because he wanted it to look like Barstool was getting advertisers. My bullshit radar should have been up since that big, beautiful, barrel-chested, definitely huge-dicked Tony The Tiger wasn’t on the box. But they snuck it by me on the box, even though they couldn’t sneak it by me in the bowl. It should be pretty hard to tell the difference between two different types of sugar-laced corn flakes. But anyone that has eaten their weight in Frosted Flakes can clearly tell the difference. And this cereal suffers for it. Sad!