Rough N Rowdy Isn't All Comedy... Some Fighters Are Literally Fighting For Their Lives. Meet #RnR2 Fighter Jacob Meade Part 1

“My childhood summed up, in simplicity…Would be hell. No childhood. My father was an alcoholic…”

The Rough N Rowdy isn’t just crazy characters and hillbillies covered in soot. These are real people that’ve seen and experienced things we can only imagine, literally trapped in the mountains of West Virginia. But there’s always hope for those that never stop grinding and I for one would not bet against Jacob Meade.

He barely missed winning on the second night of RnR1 and I smell trouble for whoever he’s facing in RnR2. A true brawler raised by aggression, deserted from emotion, and ready to pulverize anyone or thing that gets in the way. After seeing his wicked childhood, commute to work and how genuinely he wants to give his fiancé a better life, how can you root against this guy? Salt of the coal mines indeed.

RnR2 is coming next week and you can buy NOW for $9.99 otherwise it goes up to $15.99 the day of the fight on February 16th

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