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The 2017 Best Of Barstool Is My Favorite Video Of Any Year Ever

INCREDIBLE video put together by our video guy Noah.  Chills everywhere.  They kicked off our company wide year end meeting with this yesterday and it almost brought the whole damn building to the ground.   Actually unbelievable how much shit we’ve done this year.  We’ve grown, expanded, blown up more than even our wildest expectations.  More than ANYONE’S expectations.   And we owe all of it to the Stoolies.  There is not a more loyal group of people on the planet.  Our massive successes, our plenty of failures, our controversies, the backlash, the ups and downs, Stoolies are there for all of it.   And we’re only getting bigger.  Every day we get more people jumping on board the pirate ship, people who realize it’s ok to laugh about things, to joke and have fun and not take life too seriously.

And the best news about that video?  2018 is going to be even fucking bigger.  We have so much stuff in the pipeline, all of our core guys who have been here since the very beginning, and a nonstop growing roster of talented, flat out funny people.We won’t always be perfect.  In fact we almost never will be.  Some things will crash, straight up not work, we’ll do entire shows with no audio, we’ll offend people, we’ll make headlines and trend on Twitter for an out of context joke.  Some of the shit we throw against the wall might not stick.  Any time something starts going too well, The Barstool Difference will always be there to bring us back down to Earth and keep us humble.  But we will literally never stop trying to make as much funny content as humanly possible, as often as possible.

For the people who have been with us since the newspaper days, since Kevin and I started New York, since Dan quit real estate, since Feits asked to be our intern on board a cruise ship – you know how much this site means to us.  And for all the newer fans, just replay that video and see the stuff we were able to do in one year, then think about how high we’ve set our sights for the next one.

Thanks again to the Stoolies, and a special thanks to all the haters and losers who keep us hungry.  Proving you wrong is the greatest feeling in the world.