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Never Go Full Hardo At Beer Pong With Smitty And Donnie

Here’s your life lesson for today, kids. Never Go Full Hardo, as you can spot from violations 1-100000000001 in this video. There’s no reason to go apeshit in a friendly game of Beer Pong. None. Yet there’s ALWAYS that guy, without fail. You don’t need to argue about the beer level. You don’t have to call out someone for leaning EVERY DAMN TIME. You may still need to destroy the table. But that’s a personal preference. Other than that, it’s just pure, unadulterated beer drinking and fun.

Other than that, respect thy House Rules, for they are greater than God’s word. #RIPHarambe

Shout out to Down The Hatch in NYC for letting us be super hardos in their spot, especially after seeing the intramural coed work league softball video. Their loss for wanting to be around this guy for more than a nanosecond.

PS – I got a Wolverine like gash on my elbow from “Sending It” through the table that I’ll have for the rest of my days. Here’s Down The Hatch’s premier first aid doctor/barback giving me medical attention via Iodine straight out Mrs. Glick’s hands in The Simpsons. Good times had by some.

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