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GOONED UP with the Wonton Don: Crab Classics

I’ve been with obsessed with Crab Rangoons for as long as I remember. Started making homemade ones in high school. In China I’ve actually hosted two “Goons and Tunes” events where I take over a bar and sell Rangoons for the day. I even did one of them in Somerville MA a couple years ago. Must have sold 800 rangoon that night. Not just Crab rangoons either, we also had BBQ Chicken, Lobster, and Bannana Nutella Rangoons on the menu too. Shout out my original sous chef,  Steve AKA Sous Chef Steve. The Dudes GPM(Goons Per Minutes) is off the charts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 1.00.00 PM

I plan on continuing this series when I’m back in China and will be experimenting with a new type of Rangoon every episode. Let’s see how deep the Goon Hole really goes. Hopefully tho, I’ll be able to get “Hu Ayi” back on Sous Chef duties. Unlike Ku the Cook AKA the intern formerly known as Mike the Bike, she actually knows her way around a kitchen.