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We Partied in the Dominican's Most Dangerous Hood | Don & Dave Do the DR Finale

La 42 De Capotillo is the Dominican Republic's most notorious hood and our uber driver offered to give us a tour of it. While it can be a very dangerous place for tourists, we paid someone protection money to keep us safe and ended up having a blast! We partied in a night club in the middle of the day, hit up a barber shop for a fresh cut and shave, and watched some street billiards. I wouldn't recommend doing this if you visit the country but it was nice to get out of our comfort zones for a bit.

That's a wrap for our DR series. Hope you enjoyed following along. You may think Dave's an idiot (and he very well may be), but when it comes to being my translator, he got the job done despite being ravaged by foreign bacteria and viruses. Pretty impressive if you ask me. 

Catch up on the series below: