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I went to the Protests at NFL HQ to see whose Job Colin Kaepernick Should Have

This was my first man on the street in the US and oh boy, I really jumped right in the deep end. I blame Gaz for mentioning to me in passing everyday this week: “Protests at NFL HQ this Wednesday. Could be content. Just saying.” He really does stir the pot. Well anyways, it turns out interacting with a bunch of confused Chinese folks at a basketball game is a little different than interacting with a bunch of angry civil rights protestors. While on paper the protests were about Colin Kaepernick being blacklisted by the NFL, the focus was clearly more on the underlying issues of police brutality and racial inequality Kaepernick has tried to bring attention to. That being said, I almost called off the shoot. Barstool sports is a comedy website and while important, Civil rights aren’t exactly the easiest thing to make humorous content about. And if you come to Barstool looking for insightful commentary on serious social/political issues, you’re an idiot.

But where there’s is a will, there’s a way, and I think my filmer and I eventually figured out a lighthearted approach to the situation that kept the focus solely on SPORTS. Which QBs in the NFL does Colin Kapernick deserve a job over? Spoiler alert: A bunch. Turns out there are quite a few shitty ones out there. Damn it feels good to be a Pats fan.

P.S. Everyone loved the Goodell shirt and I even ran into a few African-American Stoolies. Take that Rosenberg.