Fronnie Does China: Negotiating For Handjobs

It’s no secret that Harvard is expensive. It’s also no secret that the Harvard name carries a lot of clout in China. If you’re a Harvard grad in Asia, you’re basically an elected official. The moment I threw my old lax jersey on, people looked at me differently. In regular clothes, I was blending in with the locals; an unremarkable 6’3” ginger wandering the mean streets of Shanghai, largely ignored. But the second they saw Harvard on my chest, and knew that I was for real because that’s a game-worn jersey and not something you can just buy at the store, they started offering me all sorts of gifts and services.So I was thrilled when Donnie told me that Harvard grads typically get a discount on getting their airplanes hit (handjobs after massages).

Da feiji means “hit airplane,” which means “handjob.” These were real negotiations with real people. Don’t try this at home because I’m pretty sure it’s soliciting prostitution.