Fronnie Does China: Donnie's Private Island

Can’t wait till Dave sees this video. He’s all cocky just because he owns* a small piece of land on an Island. Little does he know he has an employee out in China with an entire Island all to himself. Yes, it’s a traffic island but did you see the vegetation on that thing? Tropical AF.


If it wasn’t for this little slice of heaven I honestly probably would have left China years ago. Shanghai is the biggest city on the planet and the Chinese always don’t have a great concept of personal space. Luckily, whenever the crowds get a bit too much for me all I have to do is navigate four lanes of traffic and I’m in paradise. I’ve even hauled kegs out there with zero complaints. Believe it was back when “gargoyling” was still popular.


Anyways, this whole experience really showed me a side of Francis I had never seen before. He spends his summer weekends in the Hamptons so was worried he would be a little judgmental about the fact I get my R&R in on a traffic island. However, after getting acclimated he seemed to really embrace the “when in Rome attitude” and started really enjoying himself. I practically had to drag him off once it was time to go. He has a very unpretentious side to him that he needs to let people see more often.