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Deep Cover Don: The Japanese 5th Inning Hoon Break

This might be the biggest scoop of my career. Finally feel like my transition from journalist to Journalist is complete. I mean no I didn’t expose rampant pedophilia within the Catholic Church, but I did definitely prove the existence of a phenomena that before had only been talked about in hushed whispers within the baseball community. And how about how I handled myself under pressure?

Is that a cameratelephone

If I had cracked and admitted that it was a camera he would have smashed my GoPro into a million pieces on the spot. But no, I deflected until he came up with he lie himself and then I just agreed so I didn’t even have to sacrifice my code of ethics.

Big shout out to Manny Ramirez for providing me with the insider intel I needed and Riggs for being my anchor. BNN is well on its way to becoming the anti-fake news.

Manny Hoon