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Donnie Does: Cheapest Italian Restaurant On The Planet

When I first arrived in China McDonalds and KFC were my only options for inexpensive Western food. High quality western food was available but was pricey AF as all the ingredients had to be imported. But then Saizerya came around and flipped the game on it’s head! Pasta for under $3! Pizza for under $4! It seemed too good to be true! And in fact… it kinda was. Most of their food is schifoso, which means gross in Italian. To be fair tho, their Penne with Basilico and Shredded Chicken has no right being as good as it is and only costing $1.80. One bite of that transports me to the motherland! Or at the very least a poorly managed Olive Garden.


Be on the look out for another #WhoaThatsWeird X #OneBite collaboration later this week where I review the Fruit Pizza and Corn with Mayonnaise Pizza later this week. Spoiler Alert: Non Benne (Italian for NOT GOOD).