Video Game Show "Barstool Gametime" Premieres Live At 8pm As We Battle For Madden Supremacy


Video games. We’ve all grown up on them. Now some of us have conned our employers to pay us to play them for a living. Only in America. But for real, we’re starting our first video game show, Barstool Gametime, up tonight and the possibilities are limitless. We’ll be dabbling into everything and challenging everyone on all platforms. Well, on PS4 and N64 as that’s all we have in the office right now. That’ll expand, as will the show once we get more systems and space when we can basically play 24/7. And this isn’t limited to us dancing with each other and celebrities. We want this to eventually be an open adventure where any willing Stoolie can play against the greats.

This started up when #ColeyTheMick faced off vs. #DriftSmittyDrift on Facebook Live to shockingly enjoyable results. A quick refresher, that was when two grown men in costumes played a 20 year old video game for a permanent tattoo or legally changing their birth given name. In the end, there are no winners. We’ll get Pres balding to NES, Riggs & Trent batting on Tiger Woods golf, Call Of Duty with Chaps and Cons, Nate trying to kidnap Lara Croft’s 2-G titties for his collection, FIFA/NBA2K17/NHL 17/Rocket League with whoever wants to die, and much more.

Tonight, the honorable Clem and I dance for Madden 2017 supremacy. Stakes will be on the line, but you gotta tune in to find out what’s going down (Translation: We haven’t decided on a bet yet). Let’s rock.

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PS – The percentage Clem or I will be seeing more blood red than this guy tonight? 10000000%