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Beer League Heroes: Two-Sport Athlete

Let’s get one thing clear real quick–I didn’t choose the Beer League Hero life. The Beer League Hero life chose me. And while it’s one thing to be a Beer League Hero in just one sport, it takes a total legend to go full Bo Jackson mode and suit up for two. Does this mean that I am a legend? I don’t know. Those are your words, not mine. If you want to call me a legend then I’m not going to stop you. I will just say thank you for your kinds words. But yeah, last Friday night I got my Beer League Box Lacrosse career under way playing with the Turtles out of XL Sports World in Hatfield, PA. It was a tough loss to start the career with but Rome wasn’t built in one day. Not entirely sure how that relates to this but just seemed like something good to say to make the loss seem better.

A few quick house keeping things to get in order here.

1) Shoutout to the good people over at Warrior for hooking it up. Even though I don’t play good, at least I look good while doing it.

2) Shoutout to Stoolie Mike for coming out and filming on short notice.

3) I think I have to press charges against this ogre for attempted murder. If anybody knows a good lawyer, let me know. Pretty sure I’m blogging right now with at least a grade 2 concussion. That’s just Hero life for ya.


4) If you’re wondering what’s with the hardo move of rocking Lizards shorts to a men’s league game…. well here’s some BREAKING NEWS for ya. I’ll be trying out for the Lizards on April 9th. It’s not like some open tryout where I’ll be going up against scrubs. It’s an actual training camp day for them. Best Case Scenario: I make the team as a mascot. Worse Case Scenario: I get my arms snapped in half and my skull taken off my shoulders. So yeah, I might have to see if Pres can throw me on that health insurance package sometime in the next month or so.

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