New Original Sneaker Content From Barstool - Can I Kick It

First edition of some original sneaker content for all the Stoolies out there into kicks. Sat down with Drew, the owner of Twenty20La out on the West Coast.  We talked about how the sneaker market has changed with the rise of online retail and how it affects the consignment business. The rise of Adidas. We run through the latest releases in a segment called Flex or Flop, give out our recommendations for a regular pair of sneakers in Dad Shoes, and look forward to this weekend’s drops on Set Your Alarm.

Can I Kick It bringing you new sneaker content whenever we can. I’m not really sure what form this show is gonna take – long form, short form. Social media clips. On location shooting. I really dont know yet. Any ideas and feedback is appreciated. I want as many guests as possible for videos and segments so if you’re in the industry or have any connections, holler at me. Would love to talk sneakers with anyone into it.