Mikey Flash Made An All Time Barstool Debut On The Rundown Yesterday

Mikey fucking Flash. Just an unreal human being. When I watched this I was in absolute tears.

I need someone to run the board and produce Nate At Night (which launches next Tuesday) 1 night a week for a couple hours, so yesterday I interviewed two potential interns- someone who knows how to run the equipment and edit audio, and then Mikey Flash. Want to guess which one got the job?

Mikey Flash is not from this planet. Flannel shirt, full suit, gold Jordans, and hair up to the ceiling. Called himself a “night hawk” instead of “night owl”. When he walked in I immediately said there was no chance he gets the job. During the interview me and Glenny Balls conducted he lied to our faces no fewer than 15 times. His resume was 3 stapled pages, and not even remotely joking, a page and a half of it was an essay about coaching baseball. I have never seen anything like it.

And now Mikey Flash is going to take Nate At Night to the moon. Someone like him can’t walk into this office and not get hired. Plus he seemed to understand the job so that was good too I guess.