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Smoking Brisket Is Great, But It's A Helluva Lot Easier When You Just Have To Reheat One That Gets Shipped To You

Cooking brisket is one of those things that just keeps getting more addictive the more times you do it. Once you get hooked, you're constantly chasing perfection from then on out. You'll spend 13, 14, 15 hours smoking this piece of meat looking to attain the best possible result you can get. And then the moment you slice into it, all you can think about is the next brisket you're going to cook and all the things you'd do differently to make that one even better. 

But sometimes you don't have 15 hours to smoke your own brisket overnight. Or sometimes you want to taste what truly great brisket should taste like, but unfortunately you don't live anywhere you can get that. So instead of making the trip down to someplace like Austin or Charleston, you can just get a fully cooked brisket delivered to you from Lewis Barbecue (Charleston, SC) and all you have to do is reheat the sucker. 

I made my first trip to Lewis Barbecue a couple summers ago. The ribs were insane. The brisket was incredible. The collard greens kicked ass. The green hatch chili sauce is out of this world. If you're making the trip to Charleston, you have to put it on your list of places to eat. Honestly I'd just recommend making Charleston an annual trip because there are so many awesome places to eat there. But Lewis is at the top. So when I found out you can get this shipped and delivered anywhere across the nation? Sign me up please. 

All you have to do is reheat the product and you're good to go. It comes vac-sealed with dry ice so you don't have to worry about anything going bad while it's traveling. You can use a sous vide. You can use an oven. Or if you already have your smoker going, you can use that too. All I had to do here was bring the smoker up to 250°, I poured some beef tallow over the brisket to re-introduce some moisture to the brisket and add just a little more beef flavor, wrapped it up in either foil or butcher paper to make sure you're not adding anymore smoke to the brisket since it's already been fully cooked, and let it come up to your desired temperature. It took like 2 hours to get to 165°, let it sit for a few minutes, and then slice into it. 

So yeah. Smoking brisket is incredible. It's a great way to spend 15 hours of your life. But having someone else cook it for you and just needing to put 2 hours into reheating it? That's pretty sick as well. Also incredibly delicious. 

Speaking of incredibly delicious, here are my beef ribs from last week in case you missed that video. 



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