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The Colorado Avalanche Had The Stanley Cup For About 5 Whole Minutes Before They Put A Massive Dent In It

Holy shit, boys. Ya work your whole lives to win the damn thing and then you smash it about 5 minutes into the celebrations. The Cup didn't even make it to the locker room yet before the damage got started. I can only imagine the type of carnage Lord Stanley is going to go through during this summer with the Avs if that's how its starting out. 

Congrats to the Colorado Avalanche on the greatest accomplishment in sports. Unreal team who put together and unreal playoff to cap off an unreal season. Studs all over the ice. Guys who have been in the league forever hoping to get this opportunity, and guys who have come in and completely taken over the league in just a matter of years like Cale Makar. Sick sick team. But for the love of god, keep Aube-Kubel away from the Cup for a little while to make sure it's not shattered into a million pieces by the time the parade starts. 

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