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This Challenge Is Top-Tier Reality Competition Television, You Can't Convince Me Otherwise

The fourth episode (watch below) of Barstool vs. America dropped last night...

...and we got our fourth TEAM CHALLENGE: Memory Obstacle Course.

Look at how fucking amazing the scenery was in Chicago for this challenge...

Just amazing. The production value on this show has been on par with the best shows of the genre.

As for the challenge itself, a memorization component mixed into an obstacle course, we couldn't have asked for a better finish. After falling down 0-2, the Yellow Team, deemed the underdogs, roared back following Spider's guarantee that it would reach Round 5.

Shades of Kevin Millar in the 2004 ALCS!

Everyone busted their ass in this challenge, throw cans, rolling cans, jumping, and never tell me Glenny Balls can't move quick!

Pat even started to bleed!

But it was Kelly Keegs who saved the fucking day. It wasn't perfect, but when it mattered most, she was cool, calm, collected, and brought home the win for the Yellow Team.

And because of that, she gets the NVP (Nooners Valuable Player)…

EPISODE 4 NVP: Kelly Keegs
EPISODE 3 NVP: Marty Mush

The finale is tonight!

…it all airs TONIGHT at 7|6c. It's also super fucked up because someone goes from having $10,000 to nothing in a matter of minutes. But my word is it great drama!