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Episode 3: One For The Road

Summer is here and I've discovered two things. Nobody wants to work and cryptocurrency drives people insane! New Yorkers want to embrace the summer and soak up the sun. The vibe in New York reminds me of when I would use to be on punishment as a kid. I would stare out the window and watch everyone have at it and run wild while I suffered through a sore ass and boredom.  I feel like most New Yorkers have been feeling the same way. We've been locked down while watching Floridians and Texans scream fuck you Dr. Fauci and carry on with life as if Covid 19 isn't a thing.  

Now pubs have been around for decades. The support from local regulars will get them back in motion. One hidden secret about pubs, they always seem to pay homage to the emerald isle. I got word of one particular pub that was doing exactly that. The Grafton on 126th and 1st Avenue, which was named after one of the two most popular streets in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

The Grafton has a cozy appeal that grabs you as you walk through the door. The long mahogany bar with black and white photos peppered on the wall seemed pretty ordinary. The only thing that seemed odd was meeting an older gentleman who happened to be a photographer. He was actually there to take pictures and capture the moment.  I talked to him for about five minutes. I discovered  he has been a photographer for many years.  We talked about the time he shot boxing Hall off Famer Joe Frazier and a shit load of other celebrities to add to to his resume that were pretty impressive.  I continued to talk to the photographer as Colin and I set up for the shoot. The owner Gavin, a native of Ireland joined us. His tired eyes let me know he was recovering from a long night at the bar.  We sat in the open back of the bar in the beer garden. It reminded me a lot of my bar in Bronx. As I stared at the white decor and exposed brick walls with TV screens in each corner, I thought to myself, this is a beer drinking, soccer fan heaven.  A couple pints of Guniess arrived to set the mood. Aaaaahhh....... this is One for the Road!