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One For The Road: McSorely's: Episode 2 (Deleted Scenes)

McSorley's isn't one of the those historic places you just walk away from without feeling like you have missed something.  We learned so much about the pub that we struggled with trying to figure out how to squeeze it all into one episode. The owner Greg is a walking history book. During the interview, I was in awe of how much he knew about the place. If you pointed to any historic artifact on the wall, he knew the who, what, when and how about it. I can barely remember my wife's birthday but this dude knew what Lincoln wore the day he walk into the bar. Honestly, you don't have to be a history nut like Large to appreciate what the bar represents. History is often considered dark or unsettling for some of us, we discovered McSorely's didn't allow women into the bar until August 11,1970.  On this day, Greg's wife, who was very sweet to us and even had some friendly choice words for Large at times, made us feel right home. Watching her pretty much run the operation behind the bar, felt like redemption. Her quiet demeanor and keen whit made the experience unforgettable. 

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments. I would like to thank John Kelly & Colin Cooper for helping put such great episodes together. Special shot out to Joey Lagone as well Large and Coach Duggs for joining me. So here are some deleted scenes for your pleasure. New episode drops Saturday. Here is.... One for the Road!