Save Your Brisket Trim And Make A Burger Worthy Of A 5-Balls Rating

A couple of months ago we put our brisket trim to use by making a batch of beef tallow. Here's a link to that video in case you missed it. Beef tallow is great to have on hand if you're looking to keep your brisket moist, you can use it instead of an oil when you're frying chicken, you can even use it when you clean out your smoker and reseason the cooking grates. But for the most part, you're the only one who is going to benefit from having beef tallow on hand. 

So if you're looking to use those brisket trimmings in a way that everyone can enjoy, well then it's time to break out the meat grinder and turn that trim into some burgers that would have Glenjamin Balls jumping for joy as he gives them a 5-balls rating. 

First you're going to take that trim and make sure you have a decent mixture of meat to fat. Chances are you're going to end up with a lot more fat in the mix than you'd typically find with ground beef at the grocery store, but that's fine. Fat is flavor. You'll run it through the grinder once, run it through the grinder a second time, form yourself some 1/2 lb patties, season with salt & pepper, toss them in the smoker for about an hour to maybe an hour 15, sear them off on a cast iron griddle, slap some cheese on those bad boys, assemble your burger, and then from there I'd imagine you know what to do with them. Put the burger in your mouth, chew, tilt your head back, swallow, repeat. 

There's just no excuse to ever throw out your scraps when you can make something like this with them instead. 

And a quick little disclaimer to the Meat Police out there--I'm a medium rare guy when it comes to steak. But as far as burgers go, I'm just not a huge fan of medium rare ground beef. It doesn't matter if I'm the one grinding it up or not. It's just a texture thing for me. Personally I think you have to be a maniac to order a medium rare burger, but I get that everybody is different. If you like your burgers medium or medium rare, then just pull it off the smoker a little earlier.