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Meat Sweats With Jordie: Chuck Roast Burnt Ends Are The Ultimate Cook For The Common Man

Your traditional burnt ends are going to be coming from the brisket point. But if you've ever taken one look at brisket prices these days, you know that you can't be tossing around that kind of money just to be making burnt ends. Regardless of how delicious they are, that electric bill is still due later in the month and your wife will kill you if you keep spending $70-100 a week on brisket. 

But that doesn't mean you still can't work some burnt ends into your regular routine. And that's where the chuck roast comes in. Poor man's burnt ends. You get similar flavor for a fraction of the cost. Now I'm not going to get up here and lie straight to your faces. I can't pretend like they're just as good as regular burnt ends or that the texture is just as melt-in-your-mouth soft. They might not be much to look at but for the price, it gets the job done. And that's what being a common man is all about. Making shit work on a budget.