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I Owe Jeff D. Lowe An Apology And Retract My Protest Of Today's "The Dozen" Trivia Show... I Guess

This morning, myself, Carl and Chief took on Carrabis, Kirk Minihane, and his little lap dog Steve Robinson in "The Dozen" trivia. You can watch the full videos here:

A few housekeeping notes:

1. This was the hardest group of questions we've had in all of our times on The Dozen, in my opinion (not a bad thing, just an observation)
2. Kirk Minihane is going to be the best "player" in the company moving forward
3. Brandon Walker is a big fat BABY!!!!!

So the question I protested was this: 

Name the artist/band/movie of Top 20 Best-Selling Albums of the 1990s

Okay cool. Right in my sweet spot. I would say I know more about music than the typical person as I'm almost never not listening to it and read up on its history pretty frequently. Not a lot more, but decently more and having grown up in the 1990s, I figured I was going to cruise through this category to some extent. BUT but but... I assumed it was best selling albums in the US. I didn't realize it was international charts and that a dude from Kazakhstan's musical taste was factored into the question, and because of that, I immediately dropped, "Cracked Rear View" by Hootie and the Blowfish for no reason other than I knew it was insanely popular in the 1990s and sort of transcended age and musical taste. EVERYONE loved that album.

Before we continue, go ahead and listen to Cracked Rear View. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC album:

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the best selling albums by year in the 1990s:

Doesn't matter though, because again, the ambiguity of the question threw me off. This is the list that Jeff D. Lowe went by:

Hootie is nowhere to be found. Garth Brooks? Nowhere to be found. What in the fucken heck? What the fuck do you idiots in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica listen to? Whatever it is, it ain't good. Unless you're in the UK, you guys dominated the Americans in the music seen for decades but starting in the 1990s, we caught up a little bit. Nevertheless, I take no blame in getting the question wrong. Do I retract my protest? Yes. But only because I technically was wrong due to the aforementioned ambiguity of the question. Wasn't specific enough. My brain was correct in theory, it wasn't correct in technicality.

So, to Jeff D. Lowe - I retract my protest and I want Kirk and his cronies again ASAP. We demand a rematch NOW. It'll be like the Micky Ward vs. Arturo Gotti trilogy. Straight bloodbath and goddamn excellent entertainment. 

PS - We're live in Verdansk now if you want to discuss more. 


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