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Hero Woman Clings To The Hood Of A Speeding Car To Stop Thieves That Stole A Bulldog Puppy


A Houston woman was miraculously left with just scratches and bruises after clinging to the hood of a speeding car on Nov. 4 in an attempt to save a $10,000 exotic bulldog.

KPRC first broke the story of the woman, Alize James, who works at Bully Kamp in Harris County.

In an interview with KPRC, James said a man and a woman came into the store looking at different dogs and landed on a $10,000 exotic bulldog puppy who was 7-months-old at the time. However, James said the pair took off with the puppy when she went upstairs to grab paperwork for a UPS driver.

I have three notes about this little saga:

1. Alize is fine, some minor bumps and bruises, but she's good. That's great news, as the video in the link above is pretty messed up. That car was cruising pretty goddamn fast and she was hanging on to the hood like she was in an action movie. Insane she got out with a few "scratches and bruises", but glad she did. If you're too lazy to click the link to the full video (it won't let me embed it to the blog), here's a quick one I found on Twitter:

2. I got a new puppy last month. His name is Ace and he's my best friend. He is SO well behaved, all things considered. Already house broken for the most part and has a great temperament. He was a stray they found at an Ace Hardware in South Carolina (hence his name, which was so perfect I kept it) and they think he's boxer and southern black mouth cur mix. I think he might have a hint of pit in him too, but not positive. He's a mutt, but mutts are the best. Everyone toss him some internet pets:

I've only had him a month or so, but if someone kidnapped him I'd raise fucking hell. There's not much I wouldn't do to get him back. I'm not kidding when I say this, but if it came to it, I do think I'd pull the same move Alize did because Ace and I are so tight already. We have a great time together and I'm so glad I got him, he really helped quell the wintertime Covid blues. Now that like 99% of people are working from home, I think everyone should adopt a dog if they have the means. They are great for relieving stress. Dogs are the absolute best things on earth.

3. The interviewer asked Alize what she thinks should be the punishment for the people that kidnapped the bulldog puppy from her shop and she replied with "jail time". Well, they were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but I'm not sure that's enough. I think two charges of attempted murder should be tacked on top of that. One for Alize, the other for the bulldog puppy they could have killed. People who fuck with animals and dogs specifically all deserve to rot in hell and have all sorts of medieval tortures performed on them. Just fucking awful people.

Now, my one gripe with Alize and the company she works for is that the bulldog puppy was valued at $10,000. There are SO MANY stray dogs out there that wind up at kill shelters that need homes. I got Ace at Chicago Canine Rescue at Foster and Elston and he cost $400, $300 for the fee and $100 on top for a donation. If they didn't take him in (they're not a kill shelter) the place they took him from would have euthanized him and he's as healthy as can be. Go and save a dog's life - you don't need to drop a billion dollars on some pure breed designer dog. Those dogs are great, but mutts need lovin' too! That's my PSA for the day.

Nevertheless, good on ya, Alize. Hopefully these two savages are brought to justice and the bulldog puppy is found safe and unharmed.