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Barstool Chicago Makes Hot Coleslaw With Carl's Dad Hank: StoolGating Episode 9 Presented By Miller Lite (VIDEO)

This is a famous recipe from my great-great grandmother that gets talked about a lot in Barstool Chicago. Another thing we talk a lot about is drinking in garages, specifically my dads. He's lived in the same house since 1983. This is his sanctuary - a place for endless beers, cigs, cigars, smoked meats and grilled whatever. Very nice of Hank to let us into his home to share this famous recipe. 

Obviously I get progressively hammered as we make the recipe. That's kind of the point of drinking in the garage. It's. Shoutout Miller Lite for fueling a great Christmas Eve with my folks. 

Here's the basics:


- frying pan

- small saucepan 

- large mixing bowl

- large spoon (preferably slotted to preserve as much bacon grease as possible)

- strainer for bacon grease


- one pound of bacon

- one bag of shredded cabbage 

- equal parts bacon grease & vinegar

- pepper


Step 1: Slice bacon into small pieces

Step 2: Cook bacon low and slow 

Step 3: Remove bacon, wrap in paper towels while saving bacon grease

Step 4: Let bacon grease cool for 10 minutes

Step 5: Strain bacon grease, set aside

Step 6: Drink a GTLF

Step 7: Add bacon grease & equal amount of vinegar to small saucepan, heat until mixture starts to bubble

Step 8: Mix bacon, cabbage, liberal serving of pepper in large bowl

Step 9: Pour sauce over bacon, cabbage mix

Step 10: Enjoy!