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The Bulls Are On Pace To Lose Every Single Game

Alright I'm not trying to be your late night Bulls correspondent for the next 6 months but at the same time I'd be remiss not to point out that we absolutely choked this one away. Maybe that's progress when you lose your first two game by twenty. But even so this one sucks just as bad because you want to see the Baby Bulls take some strides and a big Win would go a long way in that department. After getting absolutely fucking punished by the Pacers yesterday I thought for sure this would be the first win of the season. 

I was wrong. Sue me for being a sucker. 

Elsewhere, I can't stop thinking about this tweet: 

The University of Wisconsin Men's Varsity Program has more collective experience. Really chew on that next time you get an itchy trigger finger on the Bulls + double digits. Trust me it's just not worth it this year. The defense has more gaping holes than the kind of porn that makes you feel empty and guilty. Billy Donovan should have some answers for this come Tuesday. We got the first double-header of the season with a road-road at Washington on Tuesday & Thursday this week. Then it's off to Milwaukee for a 40 point loss on Friday night so let's get on of these games against DC.