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The Goddamn Jets - The Ballad of Manish Mehta

This one is for all the real ones. All the real Jets fans who have been following Manish Mehta as the Jets beat reporter for the last several seasons. From fake sources to potential burner accounts to endless amounts of beef...Manish has always been at the center of controversy for this godforsaken team. But this season, and these last few weeks, the rumors and stories about him have taken a turn that even I didn’t expect. A weird, dark, borderline sociopathic turn. He’s unequivocally the worst, slimiest, grimiest beat reporter ever. But if these latest rumors about him are true, he’s a straight up psychopath. Like we heard about him punching the Seahawks GM...we've heard stories about him making up Rex Ryan sex scandals with female beat reporters, we've heard tales of a LOT of wacky shit. But that all pales in comparison to the latest. Via Craig Carton and several other Internet sources who all seem to confirm this shit...the latest stories are about him allegedly spying on family members of Jets GM Joe Douglas. The story goes that he was calling Joe Douglas telling him hes watching his kid eat ice cream at the ball park. As if to try to threaten or intimidate him?? Like stooping even lower than he had in the past to try to get dirt or get the scoop??? I dunno man. It all sounds fucking insane. Whats crazy is Manish hasnt said anything to deny these allegations. Not a word from him regarding accusations that he's chasing the GM's kids around at a baseball game????? I mean what the FUCK is that??? Safe to say we are entering into some VERY bizarre territory of The Goddamn Jets. 

Its gotta be the end of the road for Manish. The Daily News hasnt said anything yet, either. Probably out of fear of Manish leaking all the dirt he's got on them as well. But I dont think this can last much longer now that Manish has been outed as a guy with no journalistic integrity, and rumors are swirling that he almost sounds like an absolutely loose cannon. Something has gotta give. Cant just keep going about your business with stories and rumors like this out there.

Oh and by the way, 0-11. Thanks Miami. 0-16 here we come. Buy a T shirt! 

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