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Stool Scenes 283 - Ben Mintz Joins the Pirate Ship, Dave Calls His Shot & Jack Mac Gets a Ransom Letter

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Laser Jake, Rude Boy, and Arya crushed The Scenes once again this week. Here is what we have going on

-We welcome Ben Mintz to Barstool HQ and learn about his journey

-Stu Feiner and Advisors

-Jimmy's Seafood sends some fuckin crabs to the office

-Rico is back for another Pick 'Em

-Our boy Owen goes into Dave's office to ask him if he wants lunch

-Dave talks about the election and his videos throughout the election

-Behind the scenes of another trip to Philly for some MACtion

-Deion is back for the PFFS

-Somebody in friendly walls is trying to destroy Jack Mac 

See ya,
Dana B