Perhaps The Most Offensive Episode Yet...Answer The Internet Featuring Luis J. Gomez

Luis J. Gomez, the true President of the Legion of Skanks, made his KFC Radio and ATI debut. I know that Agent of Chaos Ari Shaffir technically won the election, but he's simply a terrorist. Luis is the real leader of Skankonia in my opinion. And what I love about Luis and all of the LoS guys is that they are the last bastion of irreverence. Everyone else on the internet is either too afraid, or has sold out, or has changed their ways, or has already been canceled...

But then there's Luis and Jay and Dave and all the guys connected to the Legion of Skanks like Ari and Shane as the guys who dont give a FUCK. When we did ATI with Luis I specifically picked out all the most fucked up cards I could. Usually we filter out the ones that are too much for other celebrities to handle, put them in the "Do Not Ask" pile. In Luis' case, those were the "Must Ask." Also just ripped some of the more offensive and gross questions we have straight from my memory to make sure we got Luis' best answers.

To nobody's surprise, Luis J. Gomez absolutely murdered it. I mean the answer about Puerto Ricans is so fucking funny. Its ok, because he's allowed to say it. Or maybe hes not, I dunno. Who cares. Just watch and enjoy.