David Letterman Is Overrated AF


Listen I understand Letterman is a legend. I understand that rising to prominence as a comic, and then full blown icon status as a late night host, is going to afford him certain opportunities. He paid his dues and as a result, earned the right to not only get this Netflix show during retirement, but also the access to THE biggest guests on the planet. From Hov and Obama in season 1 to Chappelle, Robert Downey and Kim K in season 2. So I understand thems the breaks, he’s reaping the benefits of having a DOMINANT career.

But the reality of the matter is, these interviews are so wildly overrated. The guests all agree to do this show, and then they take it a step further and agree to answer all these questions and open up and tell their whole life story. Expand upon every question. Speak eloquently on every topic. Act engaged and interested with the whole show. Again, a 4th disclaimer, I understand why this is the case. But the facts are the matter is the actual interview Letterman conducts - the actual questions he asks - are pretty basic shit. Many, MANY people could do what Letterman does if they were afforded the same opportunities. Obviously they aren’t, so every schmuck with a podcast like myself can fuck right off. Fact of the matter is they’re not David Letterman. But also, another fact of the matter, is that there really aren’t many moments of earth shattering interviewing. Which is fine except the reaction to Letterman seems to be that My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is the greatest interview show you’ve ever watched.

You’re gonna get big stars and you’re gonna get some pretty basic stories and answers. It like the Tonight Show but just longer. Props to Davey for crushing life and living his back 9 with a massive show including incredible A list stars...but let’s stop acting like this is something it’s not.