Behind The Blog featuring Hard Factor Pat Cassidy

Up until just a few weeks ago, I had no interaction with Hard Factor Pat. Despite being around for a few years, our circles never intersected. And then like a month ago, Pat came to the office (to bang Kate and/or go to the doctor with her) and he was around Barstool HQ. To say that he made his presence felt is a HUGE understatement. A couple appearances on Lowering The Bar later, Pat jumped out at me. I watched him inhale whatever godforsaken food Vibbs set up in his House of Horrors, and I realized how much of a Showman he was. So I invited on Friday Night Pints...again, same thing. Dude commanded to conversation and everyone at the bar just gravitated towards him. 

And it was on FNP that he opened up about managing musical acts and producing movies. He mentioned hes the fucking producer of a little film franchise called THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. And thats when I decided, I needed to know more. So we sat down for about 70 minutes with some cocktails and started to spin a yarn. The man is a story teller. A truth teller. A soothsayer. An artist. An entrepreneur. He can chop it up with anybody. He can work a room. He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. And, as we've all come to know, hes a motherfuckin COCKSMAN. He's got expert aim with that cum of his as he threaded the needle and dropped a baby in Barstool's First Mama, Kate.

Unfortunately that was the one we did NOT touch upon during the interview, as the news was not yet public. They told everyone like THREE DAYS after the interview. Those motherfuckers. Dont you know you should coordinate your baby announcement's around my interview schedule??? So I sat there asking this guy probing questions about his life and his future, and the whole time he knew he was about to become a ZADDY. Got a great poker face, that Pat Cassidy. Had no idea he was tip toeing around such monster news. So, as much as I would have loved to hear all about his expectations and hopes and dreams and fears of fatherhood, that will have to wait for Behind the Blog Part 2.