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Behind The Blog: Robbie Fox

We all get to learn a lot about the lives of the subject's of Behind The Blog. The conversations usually cover a wide array of topics so you learn lots of different stuff. But the most basic purpose and mission of this series is usually to answer one questions - how did you get to Barstool Sports?

In the case of Robert was destiny. It was predetermined. It was written in the stars. This man...was meant to work here. Thats not to diminish his hard work and persistence. From constantly emailing Dave to tweeting at all the bloggers to making designs for t shirts to eventually getting his foot in the door as a Foreplay intern, only to develop his own lane as an MMA/"nerdcore" pop culture blogger, Bob Fox fucking EARNED this shit. And if his professional dedication doesnt impress you, when you learn what he overcame at home and how he conquered his anxiety and depression to make it where he is today, you'll be blown away. I mean it was almost waterworks for me at some parts. Some really deep, heartfelt, endearing and intriguing stuff.

One of the best guys on this roster and one of the best people I've ever met. Octagon Bob..Bob guy Bobbo. Enjoy it. Because Bob always does.