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We're Betting The Hell Out of Century Mile and the Canadian Derby Tonight

Everyone knows how much I love Canadian racing. They have very profitable pools and the twenty cent increment on bets. You put those two things together and you have a chance to make some real money. On Friday night I played a Pick Four which had less than $300 in live money heading into the last race and all that took was a 5-1 shot to come in. Beating the favorite is the name of the game up north. 

Tonight is a HUGE night at Century Mile, my favorite small track, because they are running the Grade Three Canadian Derby in the tenth race. The other thing I love about Century Mile is how damn late they run. You can watch the Sunday Night game and still have action after. The last post tonight is 1 AM eastern! I can't wait to bet this thing all sorts of ways. In the special Photo Finish we break down the Pick Five which includes three stakes races and the Canadian Derby. I also have our Pick Four tickets posted below. Let's go north of the border and cash some tickets!