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Happy Geicoween ...yuck

Everybody Is Awful Podcast w/Jim Florentine

Facebook’s Buy/Sell/Trade has gotten out of control: “Used dog food for sale.” (4:52)

Gone over this before, but needs to be addressed again: “May The 4th Be With You.” - Star Wars nerds. (8:27)

Before you go to bed on May 3, don’t forget to put out “choccy milk & chicky nuggies, so baby Yoda will visit.” (9:55)

“Ah, I love a nice sparkling Brose.” …yuck (14:22)

“Happy Geicoween.” (21:45)

"Frenemies" (29:03)

Committing "Podultry" (33:33)

Planet Fitness. (38:06)

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