Riggs vs Mid Pines, 1st Hole (Southern Pines, NC) by WHOOP

Today is my 92nd day in Pinehurst. And while everything about Pinehurst is fantastic (the courses, the village, the people), the golf just outside Pinehurst is fantastic as well. It’s INCREDIBLE how much good golf there is around here.

Mid Pines is a massive part of that. A 1921 Donald Ross original with a 2013 restoration. It’s not hard to be blown away by this place. Obsessed with all the golf down here.

Also obsessed with my WHOOP band. Top golf athletes like Rory, JT, Riggs from Barstool and many more use WHOOP to monitor their body’s performance. From daily strain to recovery to sleep and much more, the WHOOP band is sleek, simple, connects via the app on your phone, and keeps you dialed in on everything that’s going on with your body 24/7. 

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Mid Pines. Very good.

Mid Pines.