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Interviewing Ric Flair Ahead Of WWE's Backlash Was A MAJOR Highlight Of Quarantine

Earlier this week, I received an email from WWE PR asking if Jared and I would like to interview Ric Flair ahead of 'Backlash' this Sunday, promoting Edge and Randy Orton's "Greatest Match Ever" - the only ask being that we'd discuss some of Ric's greatest matches ever with him.

I responded with something like, "Absolutely! Tell us when and we're there!", but in reality, I think Carrabis and I were both lookin more like this behind that quick email exchange....

Giphy Images.

You want us to interview Ric Flair AND want us to ask him about the coolest shit ever?! UHHH YEAH - we're in!

From Ric breaking down some of his classic matches with us, to hyping up his daughter Charlotte, to him randomly bringing up how many chicks Joe Namath slept with his senior year of college, to telling some real gripping stories about how he lost and then re-gained his confidence late in his career, we covered a TON of ground - but The Nature Boy was everything you'd want him to be and more in this interview! 

Please enjoy this chat with 16x World Champion and 2x WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, and don't forget to subscibe to My Mom's Basement for more interviews like this! 

Since quarantine alone we've had Triple H, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Jim Ross, Jon Moxley, and Big E all come on the pod!

WWE's 'Backlash' streams live this Sunday at 7pm ET on WWE Network