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LISTEN: Green Beret Nate Boyer On Barstool Radio Discussing Drew Brees' Comments And Colin Kaepernick Kneeling For The Anthem

Got a half hour with United States Army Green Beret and NFL Veteran Nate Boyer on CCK this afternoon to discuss Drew Brees' comments about how everyone should stand for the Anthem. A very level headed, rational approach to a complicated and layered situation. A couple of my takeaways:

1) I wasn't aware of just how much Colin's kneeling was Nate's personal advice. I thought that was something the majority of veterans and active service members were all down with, but I realize that its really still much more of a personal interpretation type of situation. But as Nate says, its about just understanding intent and respect. Whether its Colin's original protest, or Brees' tone deaf comments this time around, its about understanding everybody's perspective, while also understanding which issues are the most pressing and which ones we should really be focusing on. Which brings me to

2) When Nate said "The only disrespectful knee I've ever seen is the one in George Floyd's neck" I stopped in my tracks. So simple but so effective. How fitting that this latest controversy - a REAL one thats not open to interpretation and is about life and death vs symbolism and feelings - is a true travesty involving knees. How are people gonna be more outraged by Kaepernick's knee over Derek Chauvin's?