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Alveda King, Martin Luther King's Niece, Called Into Radio With Some Words Of Wisdom

Not a phone call I expected to take today on CCK, but Alveda King, Dr. King's niece, gave us 10 minutes to speak on todays issue. In a quick convo we covered what we can all be doing right now to help - black, white, or otherwise - and what her Uncle Martin would have said about today's state of affairs. 

Alveda King is a complex case, as she obviously comes from Dr. King's line of progressive thinking, but is also a Trump supporter. In this interview alone, she mentioned how she didnt fully agree with Colin Kaepernick's actions, and while discussing the progress women made during the Suffrage Movement, she also mentioned how she doesnt agree with abortion. So some listeners responded on social media saying they dont support what shes saying because of statements like that, but I think this is the EXACT person to listen to. Shes a black woman. She comes from a family of racial activists. Yet politically shes conservative. She doesnt believe in all the same social movements and reform etc etc that you would expect, right? When I found out she conservative I was pretty surprised, and if you didnt know that till now, I bet you were too. But the point here is - that doesnt matter. The message she delivered today was one that isnt political. It has nothing to do with Trump. Her politics did not influence her when she said we should all treat each other right. And neither should yours. 

I'm sure there are some hardcore conservatives who would see her name and automatically assume her message is going to be the opposite of their beliefs. That she would support protests no matter how dangerous they get. And thats not what happened in this interview. And I'm sure there are some hardcore liberals who would find out shes a Trump supporter and they would think to dismiss her thoughts because she doesnt agree with the protest movement. And both of those people would be wrong. She's a conservative woman who still preaches a message of unity, while condemning the riots but expressing sympathy and understanding for why people took it that far. I know for a fact theres a lot of you out there who read this site and listen to our shows who agree with her politics...I would encourage you to agree with her beliefs on racial equality as well. I promise you - you can do both. Shes proof. You can wear your MAGA hats together while campaigning for civil rights.