Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 70 - This Speaks To Me

-As a rule of thumb in life, anyone who refers to a piece of art and says “This speaks to me” is someone I do not want speaking to me. 

-If I’m ever kidnapped and need to get out a message to let people know I'm in danger, I would do it by using the word “finna.”

-As a kid, working on your signature was a must just in case you became a famous baseball player. I have not become a pro baseball player yet, but this is still pretty sick (see video for my very cool signature). 

-I’ve decided that my absolute ceiling in life would be playing the Flash in a superhero movie. Or Jeff Bezos in a biopic. Two roles I think I could pull off. 

-Sometimes I think about the first person to ever have toast. Was he just having a piece of bread and thought, “Pretty good… Burn it.”

-It’s more impressive to know someone’s birthday when it’s not their birthday than to wish them a happy birthday on their actual birthday. On their birthday, you can just see it on Facebook or get reminded from someone else. But if you know someone’s birthday 9 months in advance and just happen to forget on the day itself, I still think that’s better. Due to my incredible memory, I know pretty much everyone in my life’s birthday if you ask me. But on the day of their actual birthday, it sometimes doesn’t register that “Today is ___’s birthday.” So knowing that I may I forget on that day, I try to go out of my way on the other 364 days of the year to remind people that I do in fact know when their birthday is. 

-I feel like we overrate the ability of blind squirrels to find nuts. I feel like actually blind squirrels probably never find nuts and die early deaths. 

-We’re moving apartments this week, and while I have not started actually packing yet, I have started mentally packing which is an important first step. I’m envisioning what things I’ll pack and where they’ll go. So I’m basically like 80% done. 

-Despite my rugged, macho exterior, I can get sentimental during farewells. When I was a kid, I used to kiss all the items in a hotel room before leaving to say goodbye. I will not be doing this here but it will be somewhat sad leaving. 

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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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