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The Ballina Cup: Barstool Sports Edition - Selection Sunday - UPDATE - Fill Out Your Own Ballinacup Bracket

UPDATE: You can fill out your own bracket HERE for the chance to win merch and a sick prize that I will announce tomorrow. Most accurate bracket takes the cake. 

We've teamed up Mike Stud and the Ballina Cup to bring you a beer pong tournament made up of all Barstool employees. It will all be virtual, 1v1 with no travel, and there is a 1000000% chance it all goes according to plan. Yes I lost in the first round of the first Ballina Cup, but I've spent countless hours in the gym to prepare for this shit. Did I put myself against Ellie Schnitt because I think that would be an easy first round win? No, and youre a sexist and a mysoginist for thinking like that. All beer pong players are created equal, male or female. The winner of this tournament will get the chance to play Mike, who was the champion of the original Ballina Cup. There will be a follow up blog that has all the details and rules with a separate page where you will be able to predict your bracket March Madness style for the chance to win a nice little prize. Oh and also there is one spot available for a stoolie to play in the tournament and show your skills. All of that will be detailed tomorrow, but for now check out the bracket and let me know what you think.