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The Greatest Opening Day Celebration In America Is Undoubtedly In Cincinnati


As a freshly minted and arguably cursed University of Cincinnati fan, I figured it was time to get the know the city that houses the Bearcats themselves. I had heard from multiple people that Reds Opening Day was a can't miss event, and boy were those multiple people overwhelmingly correct. Even though the Reds have struggled for what seems like forever, the streets of Cincinnati outside of the Great American Ballpark were filled with a sea of red. We took it to the streets to interview some local beauties about why they hate Reds ownership, if Cincy is a football or baseball city, why Joe Burrow is so fucking cool, and much more. We also hit a bunch of different chili spots, and as a trash individual, I was in trash food heaven. Thank you to Cincinnati for the hospitality and Go Bearcats.

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