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Who Is A Bigger Clown Today: Marty or Roger Goodell?

Boy, oh boy. What a Monday. 

Between Dave winning a date with Roger Goodell (which is BEAUTIFUL) and Marty wanting to know if I could physically eat my wooden door, I'm not sure who wins the biggest clown of the day. 

But really... do you think you could eat your door?

You can catch the whole discussion live on IG @vivalastool for the next 24 hours or just the highlights above. We also discuss why dogs lick humans and the majesty of a butterfly. 

We're all stuck inside. You have your drunk thoughts. Your high thoughts. Your "get me the fuck out of here thoughts." Well Marty basically lives inside that world. Watch his brain "work" every Monday and Friday on "A Morning Pick Me Up" live on IG @vivalastool at 11:30 ET.

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