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Would You Take $200 Billion To Never Spit* Again?

*... without it being in a pool.

From the brain of Marty Mush: Would you take $200 billion to only be able to spit in a pool for the rest of your life? And if you spit anywhere else, you would die on the spot?? These conversations keep getting weirder, I swear. Also - shout out us for somehow finding topics that consistently make me sound like I'm talking about sex. 

Also from today's stream (which you can see in entirety on IG @VivaLaStool for 24 hours), we also talk about never seeing Star Wars, what we put on hot dogs, if people in Texas have "swamp ass" (his words, not mine) and The Last Dance. 

Enjoy the highlights, folks. 

We're all stuck inside. You have your drunk thoughts. Your high thoughts. Your "get me the fuck out of here thoughts." Well Marty basically lives inside that world. Watch his brain "work" every Monday and Friday on "A Morning Pick Me Up" live on IG @vivalastool at 11:30 ET.