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Big Boy TEARS Out Of The Gate To Take A Big Lead Only To Blow Both Hamstrings Before The Finish Line

I felt the pain in this video. No not the torn hammys, why would I want to feel a blown out hammy on day 53 of quarantine when there's legitimately one area of my body I actually need. I mean the pain of your high school sports career. Which if you are a Barstool writer or reader, I'm confident saying 100%, ended badly. The play you remember vividly and really truly believe it affected your development into an adult but (if you're 99% of men) you know it's kind of weird to talk about it too much or (1%) are Smitty. 

Point being Big Boy is gonna be thinking about those opening 100 meters for the rest of his life. 

If he's smart and not pre-disposed to alcoholism he'll learn in time exactly how much to drink to erase the rest of it, but those first few years he'll feel those hamstrings pop like balloons every time he opens his mouth at the bar to ask his buddies if they remember how athletic he was in high school and they'll listen only because they're waiting their turn to jump in to talk about that 1-handed interception they made in the 3Q of a 14-3 game vs. Saint Whatever.

Unless he is a starting left tackle right now in which case he'll be just fine, honestly 50/50.