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Chris Jericho And Son School Steven Cheah About The NFL Draft

If you watched our NFL Draft special a week ago, you know two things. First, it was expertly hosted by me, a natural. 

Second, we had audio issues when we tried to connect with inaugural AEW champion Chris Jericho. It was probably his fault, but still. I'm so good at this job, I demand perfection. So I confronted Chris and made him redo the spot.

So that's what we did.

Chris Jericho - 9-time WWE intercontinental champion, 6-time World Champ, two-time United States Champ, former WCW Cruiserweight champ, TV Champ and all-around rock star - and his son Ash joined us to talk NFL Football, including the Vikings' draft, Jeff Okudah and the delight of not wearing pants.

Also Barstool Junior Draft Analyst Steven Cheah did this entire interview from his sauna. I don't know why.